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19 Mar 2022

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[Coding with Roblox]
Roblox is one of the world's largest online platform where people play games made by other users or developers. There are more than 60 million active users each month, and more than 29 millions games on the platform.

Students will learn how to create their own Roblox games using Roblox Studio. Students get to design their own game rules, levels, and challenges. Moreover, they will learn to code under Roblox's gaming framework using Lua - the coding language in Roblox, by doing so, students get to understand various computer programming concepts. At the end, students can publish their games and share with friends and other players.

[Coding with Scratch]
This camp introduces core elements of coding concepts and computer game design to young minds by building games and exploring various Mathematical concepts such as arithmetic, geometry, probability, time, etc., and some applications around them.

[Robotics with Lego Mindstorm EV3 / Wedo 2.0 / Sphero]
These camps introduce robotics and engineering concepts to young minds. Students get to build mechanical structure, code their behaviours and observe how they interact with the surroundings. By doing so, students learn to anticipate all possible scenarios and devise strategies correspond to those situations.

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