Children learn most effectively at a pace suitable for their needs and abilities.  We respect each child as an individual and we help them with a result-oriented systematic approach to master mathematics. 

Mathematics is the basis of many disciplines, from science, engineering, information technology, architecture, etc., to finance or even legal where strong logical reasoning is required.  Children are more prepared for the future when they are proficient and confident in mathematics.

With the exponential advancement of technologies and abundance of information on the Internet, it is essential for our children to be proficient in digital literacy and be able to think critically and creatively.


At Olive Tree Academy, we are committed to deliver a learning experience that is enjoyable and effective.  We are experienced in helping students to gain confidence and to attain their learning goals.

In the Classroom

"The important thing is

         not to stop questioning.

Curiosity has its own reason for     existing."

- Albert Einstein