Individualised Learning Plan

Children learn best at their own pace and own way, some need challenges to simulate their learning, while some require more practices to build confidence and to master a concept. OTA provides individualised learning plans for students at all level, whether they need an accelerated progress and/or knowledge gap reinforcement.  

Mastery Learning

Regular reviews and assessments are used to ensure students' understanding on the concepts.

Application of learned concepts is taught through problem solving, and students need to be able to explain their approach to the problems. 

Moreover, students are require to correct their work to help reinforce the concepts. 

Systematic Progress Tracking

Assessments and homework performances are used to keep track of the students' fluency and accuracy in each topic.

Intellectual Stimulation

Math Olympiad style questions are used to teach varies problem-solving techniques.

Students are continuously challenged and guided to nurture their logical and critical thinking skills. 

Small Class Teaching

A small teacher to student ratio facilities more effective teaching and desirable peer stimulation.

Australian Curriculum

This provides a linkage to the topics students learned at school, hence aiding success at school.

Online Delivery Option

OTA offers a flexible arrangement of face-to-face and/or online classes to best suit students' needs.

Keyboard and Mouse

"If you can't explain it simply,              you don't understand it

                       well enough."

- Albert Einstein