For K to Year 12

Building a strong mathematics foundation is essential for young minds to flourish not only in mathematics but also in many other domains during and beyond school years.

OTA Math is mastery-oriented which emphasises on conceptual understanding, problem-solving and critical-thinking, rather than memorising and repetitive exercises.

Online option is available in addition to face-to-face classes. 

Diagnostic Test

OTA Math begins with a free diagnostic test which provides insight of the students' abilities and learning gaps. We will recommend a learning plan to meet their individual needs.

Math Accelerator

This program caters to students' individual pace of learning.  Whether they need help in certain topics or they are well ahead of others, our individualised learning plan can reinforce their understanding on previously learnt concepts, provide them with extension to achieve mastery or even accelerate them to more challenging topics. Our progress tracking system ensures learning objectives are being met in order to build a solid foundation.

Math Challenger

The Olympiad-style math questions stimulate students with various types of challenging problems that require different numerical reasoning techniques and problem-solving strategies.

Math 1-On-1

This is suitable for students who have very specific academic targets.

How OTA Math Works