For Year 3 & 4

The Opportunity Class Placement Test is written by the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER). It is a secure test and papers cannot be viewed before or after the test session.

The test does not normally contain any questions used in previous tests and measures ability rather than performance on the school curriculum. There are two parts to the test each comprising 35 multiple-choice questions in: English, Mathematics and General Ability.

Students have 30 minutes to answer each part of the test.

OC Placement Test Workshop

The workshop focuses specifically on building up students' confidence to sit for the placement test by exposing them to the commonly used question types, test format, time and answering requirements. Moreover, it aims to help students overcome the stress under actual exam conditions that could undermine their performance. Exams can be satisfying and fun too! 


It is a 3-hour weekly class, with mock tests and introduction to topics relevant to the test. In addition to the required problem-solving and reasoning techniques, time management and exam strategies will also be covered.  Emphasis are placed on test drilling, speed, accuracy and concentration.

Mock test is conducted in every class under exam conditions. There are two parts (Part 1 and Part 2) to the test, consisting of multiple-choice questions in English, Mathematics and General Ability.


Students have to put their answers on a separate answer sheet, resembling the actual OC Placement Test. Feedbacks will be provided to students. Solutions to questions, problem-solving approaches and exam techniques will also be discussed.

Topics relevant to the OC Placement Test will be introduced. Students are provided with exercises on the commonly used question types, techniques for solving these problems will also be taught.

OC Placement Test Preparation Class

The preparation class focuses on building up students' knowledge and skills required for the OC placement test in the areas of English, Math and General Ability.

It is a 2-hour weekly class, with teaching and practices on OC relevant topics:

English - reading comprehension

Math - number, patterns and algebra, geometry, data measurement and space

General Ability - logical-reasoning, problem-solving, calculation skills, vocabulary building and general knowledge